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This page is dedicated to the worship team/ Sound booth info for Monthly scheduling and Calendar for leaders, as well as team members. If you will be gone any weekend, please message Monette as well as the Director to be blocked out on calendar.


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Dianna Holden

Lead Worship Minister


Text or Call:  360-430-0921

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Monette Long

Worship Leader/ Media Dept.


Text or Call:  360-751-8483

Posted: 7/20/20 by Mo

On Sunday 8/9/20 after service, we will be having a Worship Team work party / fellowship meeting Lunch is provided. This includes, clearing the stage completely of all decor and instruments, and re-arranging the platform with a new look and feel. We would really like all to be there as we would like all of your input in this new phase. Also pizza & Beverages will be available, as well as going over new ideas for the team and each area.

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