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Worship Leaders Info

This page is dedicated to the worship team/ Sound booth info for Monthly scheduling and Calendar for leaders, as well as team members. If you will be gone any weekend, please message Monette as well as the Director to be blocked out on calendar.

Worship Director

Team Leaders


Monette Vi Profile pic.jpg

Monette Long

Sr. Worship Director / Media Dept.


Text or Call:  360-751-8483

DI 4.jpg

Dianna Holden

Lead Worship Minister


Text or Call:  360-430-0921

New Rehearsal Call Times:

Sound & Musicians: 8:00am

For Monitor check, instruments adjustments, tuning, and setup

Singers & Media: 8:20am

For sound check , prep & prayer

Start of Rehearsal: 8:30 SHARP!


Let's try and give ourselves the opportunity to give God our best!

Worship Directory

Sr. Sound Tech:  Mike Pastor    (360) 823-7404

Sound Tech:      Chuck Hurst    (360) 431-6106

Intern Techs:      Jed

Sound Engineers

Microphone on Sound Board

Asha Riley             (360) 991-1692

Dianna Holden      (360) 430-0921  WL

Ginny St. Germain (360) 353-0750

Leah Riley             (360) 991-1692

Marian Keele        (360) 431-0770

Monette Long        (360) 751-8483  WL

Karen Linn            (360) 846-8350



DJ Riley                (360) 991-1692  Drums, Percussion

Marvin Hadaller    (360) NA

Dianna Holden      (360) 430-0921 Keys

Ken Shiloh            (360) 980-2776 Bass / Keys

Cheyenne Long      Message thru Messanger

Monette Long         (360) 751-8483 Drums, Bass, Keys, Percussion



Karen Shiloh       (360) 980-2775

Scott Radcliffe     (360) 957-4402

Media Techs

Working on a Computer
Worship Team Directory
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