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our missionaries

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New Horizon's Church has always had a heart for reaching the many, and we are continuing to love and support several missionaries abroad as they share the Gospel. These are just a few of the Missionaries that we pray for and send other support. We encourage you to contact, pray for and if at all, ask how you can help from your home!

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Botswana, Africa

The Mann Family, Matt & Debbie

Matt and Debbie will be teaching at Assembly Bible College to train and mentor new pastors that will reach Botswana and the surrounding region. They will assist the national church with its growth and development through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. Matt will also work with Global University’s Botswana distance education program to encourage the ongoing training of pastors and church leaders.

Thank you for partnering with The Mann Family–enabling us to REACH, TEACH, and SERVE the people of Botswana.


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USA - Longview, WA.

Ernie & Karol Salinas

Ernie communicates a message of Hope and Healing for all ages. They believe this is a Season of Refreshing from the Spirit all over the world. Ernie is a dynamic speaker and is always a blessing when he comes and shares God's Word. Please keep Ernie and Karol in your prayers as they minister in cities, villages and open doors across America. Visit their Facebook page and see what God is doing!


Image by Jonathan Borba

Longview, Washington

CPC is a faith-based, non-profit organization supported by people within our community who want YOU, as a fellow member of this community, to succeed, and therefore generously support them through donations.

CPC respects & welcomes anyone from any or no faith background, but as Christians it is their desire to be the “hands & feet” of our God, Jesus Christ, by reflecting His love as they serve you at CPC.

CPC doesn’t perform or refer for abortions, nor do They arrange adoptions, neither do they have any financial interest in your decision.  They are a SAFE, nonjudgmental place for you to access information on ALL of your  options, take time to breathe, gather your thoughts and learn about available resources.

 They’re here to help you regardless of marital status, income, race, age or religion. The services are confidential and provided free of charge. If you would like to receive their newsletter, please contact them at (360) 636-3333 or by email.




Since 2006, Indonesia has been their family’s home.  They have worked there, played there and thoroughly loved serving in this wonderful nation.  Though far from always being a perfect place–often devastated by disasters, corruption, poverty and injustice, it is in these hardships that the resilient, caring and friendly people here become so endearing to them. So, please join us as they continue discovering the wonder of living for God in Indonesia.



Tanzania, East Africa

Lyle & Jette Hall

God is on the move and it is great to be on the frontline of ministry. From the city to the bush, from the open plains to the mosquito swamps. On foot, in boats, 4x4s and airplanes, what a life to serve with the Lord Jesus! After 30+years in missions they continue to press on.

Their hearts desire is discipleship throughout East Africa, using sport, discipleship schools, leadership workshops working with local churches and among Muslims. Join them in Prayer, this sustains them spiritually, join them in finances this sustains them physically.


Sikh Gurdwara Golden Temple


Names are kept private

We are so proud of all our missionaries that we are blessed to contribute to, but we have a little family in India that is very close to our hearts. There names and identity will be kept private for their safety. However we do ask that you please keep them in your prayers and if you are able to, help us financially with what ever God puts on your heart. As with all our missionaries across the globe. They are literally putting their lives on the line to spread the gospel and win souls for Christ. God bless them in their work.


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