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Lyle & Jette Hall Family

Tanzania, East Africa


The Hall's Update!

12/2021                   Greetings and a Merry Christmas to all.

First and foremost be encouraged in the Lord in these troubled times around the world. This year has not been easy for many. This is the time to cast down fear, anxiety, and worry. Do not give the devil a foothold.  Keep the Lord’s protection over your mind; this is your biggest battlefield. There is so much negativity all around, so be careful what you think on, listen to, talk about, watch, read, and who you hang out with. What you listen to and think on will have a great influence on you and your surroundings. Put on the armor of God, this is for your good.

We have two special guests arriving  in just a few days, Rachel and Mikaela will be coming home for Christmas. Sadly, Acacia will be staying in Norway due to possible lockdowns. We are so grateful for where all the girls are and where God has them. 


Rachel is in her second year at University of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri. She is studying Video Production and Theatre. She hasn't been back to Tanzania since last Christmas, so we're excited to see her.


Mikaela has just finished her first semester at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina; where she is studying and playing rugby.
It's been a big adjustment for her in many ways, coming straight from homeschool in Tanzania to university life in the USA. We are proud of her and can't wait to see her!


Acacia is on staff at Youth With a Mission in Aalesund, Norway. She will be helping with running the next Discipleship School in the new year. We will miss her at home for Christmas, but we are confident that she is where God wants her.


Naomi is still with us here at home. She just got her braces off, and is now sporting a bright beautiful smile. She loves writing and volleyball, and talking to her friends both near and far.

Bible School Center: The Maasai chief (who was lost for three days in Jerusalem a couple of years ago, some of you will remember)  has been talking for several years about building a bible center, so this is happening now and a small building in being built. The purpose is training of course but there are two groups that this center will focus on. The training of  Maasai leaders, elders and chiefs; and the second is the college age group. The chief is very concerned about the young people and the influences they are bombarded with.

Construction is underway and of course any financial support in this is most welcome. I have made it clear that this center must be 50% financed by the Maasai themselves and that I will do my best to do my part.

Maasai Report: Many of you know that we have started a rescue center for Maasai girls facing FGM and early marriage. This is going very well and continues to help so many girls. This month of December is a busy time at the center due to school break and many girls afraid to go home lest they be pressed into FGM and/or marriage.

Discipling a Nation: The scriptures are clear that we are to disciple nations, this has been my focus with the nation of Maasai. Slowly and prayerfully I am seeking strategic relationships. Just this last month I was introduced to about twenty leaders of a whole other Maasai clan from a different region of Tanzania. When I told these leaders that I was also an honorary Laqwena or elder of the Mamasita clan, they were amazed and then they really begin to listen to what was being said. With respect they welcomed me to be connected and speak with them on spiritual matters. This next February we are planning another meeting followed by a conference for their region. 

Tanzanian Missionaries: I recently spoke at a Missions conference and was so pleased to see actual Tanzanian missionaries. Missions is such a foreign concept for African churches as a whole. It has always been the white man that has done missions, so it is very encouraging to see locals catch and run with the vision of missions.

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