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2 Keys

Two Keys God Showed Me For Our Church...Every empty chair in our church is a potential soul to be won for Christ. How can those chairs be filled? Here are two keys...PRAYER and the CHURCH MINISTRIES. There is, of course, a balance. Both are needed, but each one is empty without the other.

My hope and prayer is that each believer would get excited for the things of God again! What “things of God” am I talking about?...Youth groups, children’s church, prayer teams, bible studies, outreach ministries, Godly leadership, fellowship, encouragers, givers, and especially those that get alone with God and PRAY! I’m not sure what we wait for? There are many ministries that we can each do for the body of Christ. You don’t have to be one of the 5-fold ministers to to that. Some ministries overlooked as maybe not having much value are those who greet at the door, who usher, and who clean. How is it our church lights our all turned off, and all the doors are locked after every service?

We have someone that has taken that upon themselves to do that. Who puts prayer cards, and pens in the pockets of the congregational seats? We have people that have taken that upon themselves to do that. Who keeps the place decorated and beautiful, (especially the woman’s bathroom)? Someone has taken that upon themselves to do that. We have been so blessed to have someone in our church that basically keeps it going...things get fixed, bills paid, music department flowing, professional advertisements done, and events organized (just to name a few).

Let us each one start this week and ask God what we can do for our church in practical ways. Some of you may be sick or too weak to do anything else. Then keep your precious prayers flowing. But those of us who can, get involved in what ever God shows you to do. Do the plants need to be watered? Is there trash in the parking lot? Something broken? A new person coming through the front door? A senior citizen sitting alone needing to be welcomed by someone? What can you do for the Lord? We all

have callings and giftings given to us by God, and the bible says that those callings and giftings are without repentance...In other words, we have no excuse before God as to why we didn’t use them for His glory. (I’m preaching to myself folks!)

Having said all of that, I also feel the need to say how amazing our church body is! There is so much love for God and for one another within our congregation. That truly pleases Him.

There is one ministry we can all do and that is to pray for one another and our pastor and his family.

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