what is "New Horizon's Church"?

..and they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people.  And the Lord added to the church such as should be saved.
-Acts 2: 46-47


New Horizons Church exists expressly for the purpose of fulfilling “The Great Commission” of Matthew 28:19-20 through teaching the Word of God, reaching the world with the message of God’s love and forgiveness, equipping the believer as a minister and exalting the Lord in worship.


Our community is a beautifully unique part of the Pacific Northwest. Nestled off of I-5, one hour from Pacific ocean beaches, surrounded by three flowing rivers and under the shadow of a drowsy volcano. Our community is rich in worship musicians, various churches, mill workers, loggers, outdoor enthusiasts, small business developers, and just down to earth families and friends.

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All of the Bible is the written Word of God. It is the final authority for our life and faith in Jesus Christ.

He is a living and true God who is perfect in love and all His ways.
He is one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


He is God’s only Son. Man can restore his broken relationship with God and be assured of eternal life through Jesus Christ alone.

Holy Spirit:
Christ lives within our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Also, the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4, is given to believers who ask for it (Acts 2:39).

Spiritual Gifts:
All spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament are available for the church today.

Healing is available as a result of the redemptive work of Christ.

In water baptism and observance of the Lord’s Supper.

The Second Coming:
In the blessed hope, which is the rapture of the church, and the
second coming of Christ.

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February 1995

1420 Commerce Avenue, Longview, Washington – Pastor Larry Rogers began his first service with 14 people in a storefront building in downtown Longview.

April 1995

Longview Senior Center. 1111 Commerce Ave, Longview – Church officially started on Palm Sunday night at the rented Longview Senior Center.  That first Sunday night was attended by 44 people.  The following Sunday morning, 77 attended.

November 1995

The Masonic Lodge.  Maple Avenue, Longview – Services were held at the Senior Center until November, 1995 when, for the next 14 months, services would be held at the Masonic Lodge in Longview.

January 1997

Kelso High School Auditorium. Kelso, Washington – After a few months at Kelso High School, services were moved back to the Longview Senior Center.  Attendance hovered between 70 and 100 people; at the The Masonic Lodge attendance was in the 60’s.  New Horizon’s Church remained at the Senior Center until the purchase of the former Monticello Nursing Home in November, 1998.

Spring 1999

A New Building.  Kelso, Washington – Services held in the Spring of 1999 at our new (and current) location at 405 N 19th Avenue in Kelso. The building was extensively remodeled and when work was completed we held our grand opening in November, 1999.  In January, 2000 mid-week services began.

March 2020

Due to a world wide pandemic known as COVID-19, we had to cancel our in sanctuary services for several months, like many other churches across the nation. However this opened up a whole new door in starting online services for the first time. And after everything is opened up, we will continue to provide online messages from the pastor on our social media platforms for those who can not make it in person . 

APRIL 2020

This date marks our 25th anniversary for NHC with the same pastor, Larry Rogers! The last 25 years has been so exciting  and we are looking for many more to come. We hope that you will be part of our story as well.

June 2020

We opened up our services for in-person congregation once again. Being good stewards in sanitizing and COVID precautions recommended. It's a new world we live in but we are still spreading the Gospel and being there for our community in person and online!!

JuLY 2021

During 2020 we did some much needed updating in the interior sanctuary, media and sound equipment. So this summer of 2021 we started on the exterior. Pastor Larry did much of the painting himself by hand with a few volunteers and then all the touch ups, trim work and 2nd coating done by a small local company led by Stan Sigler who gave our much needed fresh-up on the outside.  We are ready for another 20 years now!

Aug 27. 2022

1st Annual Kayak Trip for the adventure buffs of our church. 




Church Life 1998 - 2020

pastor sweeper
Laurie, helping prepare the church.
building demo guys
making new rooms
raising the roof!
Pastor Larry and Bob Grimm
building build
The Daily News Dec. 1999 article
1999 Worship team
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childrens easter 2013
easter 2013 kids
Easter 2013
the rogers
Wagner, Chris & Julia
St. Germain, Ginny
Schmidt, Ray
Riley, David
Rogers, Renee
Rogers, Lori
Richards, Brice
Radcliffe, Scott
Myers, Bob
LaBiche, Danny (2)
Lonny & Paula Huffman
Kjose, Jeff
Keele, Dennis
Iddings, Judy
Johnson, Randy & Monica
Grimm, Carol
Goodvin, Sandy
DeBruler, Jim
Davila, Irene
Chenoweth, Linda
Clark, Paul
Bartelme, Bart
Carns, Tim

Church Life 2021-present


2022 Annual Church Kayaker


2022 End of Summer Family Fiesta